Why join Instalco?

Entrepreneurial spirit

Instalco has a flat organisation and a highly decentralised management model. Each company is given continued responsibility for its strategy, customers, personnel, skills provision and results. We want to develop entrepreneurship in our subsidiaries, not take it away.
As part of Instalco, your company will be able to keep its name, brand and culture. In many aspects, things are "business as usual" in the way you have always done them, even after you join Instalco.

A strong team

By joining Instalco, you become part of a strong team, an elite team that plays together. You gain new colleagues from Instalco's other subsidiaries who are very keen to cooperate, but who also compete while at the same time supporting and developing one other.

Local presence and support

Instalco is divided into seven geographical business areas -- five in Sweden, one in Norway and one in Finland -- as well as its own business area, Technical Consulting. Within a given business area, its local companies cooperate with the support of a business area manager. Here is where most of the collaboration between the companies takes place. You are part of the local team and you participate in the group's activities: everything from business development meetings to team building activities.

Best practice, shared business and improved purchasing agreements

At Instalco, we work in accordance with what we call “Best practice”. This means that we share the best from all subsidiaries with each other, which strengthens knowledge development within the group.
We coordinate business between companies and create cross-selling and collaboration opportunities that give you access to customers and projects you didn't have the opportunity to reach before. In many cases we work with more than one Instalco company on the same project. We coordinate cooperation on tenders and resource allocation between our companies. At Instalco you get access to purchasing via centrally negotiated supplier agreements.

A strong Nordic group

As part of Instalco, you have a strong Nordic listed group behind you. We appoint a professional board of directors at your company with representatives from other Instalco companies and Instalco’s central organisation. You get the opportunity to take part in central team building activities and meetings and receive central support in business development, marketing, communication/PR and finance.

Skills development

You and your staff are offered development opportunities on many levels, including through our own internal training programme, the Instalco School, which is available on three levels: assembly and fitting manager, project manager and head of department. You have the opportunity to develop your business through the internal programme IFOKUS. The programme includes strategic tools to highlight and develop key improvement areas.

Instalco’s Start-Up model

Instalco also sometimes starts its own new companies, known as start-ups. This means that a new company is formed together with a local entrepreneur. Start-ups are mainly for locations where Instalco wishes to have a presence but where no suitable acquisition can be made, or where an opportunity arises.


We are always looking for new, talented entrepreneurs and companies. Are you interested in having a discussion about what it would mean for you and your company to become part of Instalco? Feel free to get in direct contact with Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt, who works in acquisitions, or with the business area manager in the area where you operate.


Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt

Head of M&A

gustaf.larsson.ernefelt@instalco.se +46 (0) 70 608 46 89

Christoffer Rodell

M&A and Business development

christoffer.rodell@instalco.se +46 (0)72 233 59 11

Ted Boheman

M&A and Business development

ted.boheman@instalco.se +46 (0)70 819 47 24

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