It is Instalco’s ambition to each day contribute to society through climate-smart and energy-efficient technical installations that lead to lower resource consumption.

We are specialists in electricity, plumbing, ventilation, heating and sanitation, automation, industry, and technical consulting. With climate-smart installations, we ensure lower energy consumption that future-proofs our communities.

It is our contribution to the green transition.

Our sustainability programme

Instalco runs the company-wide sustainability programme Sustainable Installations, which aims to strengthen sustainability work in order to deliver world-class sustainable installations.

Sustainability Report 2023

More information

Our ambition is to each day contribute to a sustainable world through our local presence and our technical and energy-efficient solutions in all disciplines. The sustainability report describes our work in more detail.

Sustainability Report 2023
Shared values

Code of Conduct

Instalco has a shared code of conduct as well as policies and guidelines for, among other things, the environment, sustainability, and work environment, as well as a code of conduct for suppliers, which is annually reviewed and decided by our board.

Code of Conduct
Sustainability contact

Fredrik Trahn

Head of Communications and Sustainability +46 (0) 70 913 67 96

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