Sustainable Instalco project

A central part of Instalco’s sustainability work is the “Sustainable Instalco project” certification system. The purpose of the certification is to be able to offer our customers a guarantee that we have considered important sustainability issues in all parts of the project’s implementation.

The criteria for a project to receive the rating include issues of occupational safety, transport and deliveries, climate benefit, recycling and source sorting, service via sustainability agreements and that the suppliers are expected to sign a code of conduct that covers valuation issues such as equal treatment and anti-discrimination.

The certification as a Sustainable Instalco project is a seal of quality for the project, for the customer as well as for Instalco with the implementing subsidiary and its employees.

Criteria for Sustainable Instalco projects:

  • Review of Instalco’s Safe employee programme
  • Suppliers have signed Instalco’s code of conduct for suppliers
  • The project contributes to climate benefits
  • A delivery plan has been drawn up
  • Source sorting of materials and waste management
  • The customer has been offered a sustainability agreement/service agreement

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