Time-effective school project with a focus on energy optimisation

Summer 2023 was a hectic period for the Instalco company VFB in Malmö. Over the course of ten weeks, a project was carried out at the Cathedral School in Lund with a major focus on energy optimisation.

19 October 2023

Apartment project with focus on low energy consumption

The Instalco company, Tofta Plåt och Ventilation, has worked with the apartment project, Nya Kvibergshuset, which earlier this year was nominated for the Årets Bygge Award (Construction of the Year). Low energy consumption was a clear focus throughou…

15 June 2023

Requirements for standards that go above and beyond

The installation company OTK Klimatinstallationer is carrying out extensive renovations in the classic shop Svenskt Tenn in Östermalm, Stockholm. Some of the major challenges have been finding room for a new modern ventilation unit in the tight basem…

21 December 2022

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