The start
Instalco started operations in 2014 through the acquisition of five installation companies, all of which had extensive experience from the industry and good profitability. The group has since grown rapidly, as the business concept appeals to many talented local companies. Since then, the group has advanced several steps in its development. Additional units have been added, multidisciplinary projects have been obtained and collaboration in technology, environment and purchasing has been initiated.

Increased growing power
Instalco has gradually strengthened its management, board and regional governance to create continued growth power in the group. Since its formation, Instalco has shown strong growth driven by both acquisitions and organic growth.

Establishment in the other Nordic Countries
In 2015, operations in Sweden grew, mainly within electric, plumbing and ventilation. Also this year, the first multidisciplinary project with several Instalco companies on the same project was undertaken. In 2016, Instalco made the first company acquisitions in Norway and Finland, thereby establishing itself as a Nordic installation group.

IPO and industrial discipline
In May 2017, Instalco's shares were listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. 2018 and 2019 were characterized by the majority of company acquisitions in the Nordic region, which generated strong growth. At the same time, the expansion of the business area “Industry” began.

The basis for the technical consultancy offering and the new CEO
In 2020, the step was taken to form the business area “Technical Consultancy” through the new subsidiary Intec. Instalco's founder Per Sjöstrand moves from the role of CEO to the role of Chairman of the Board. Robin Boheman takes over as new CEO. In October 2021, Instalco passed the milestone of 100 subsidiaries.

Continued Expansion
Instalco was moved up on the Large Cap list on Nasdaq Stockholm in January 2022 and during the year a share split was carried out. The technical consulting company Intec established itself in Norway and the first acquisition of a scaffolding company was made.

In 2023, three major acquisitions were made at the beginning of the year and the expansion in Industry and Technical Consultancy continued.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland