Corporate governance

The Company is a Swedish public limited liability company and is governed by Swedish legislation, mainly the Swedish Companies Act (Sw. aktiebolagslagen (2005:551)) and the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (Sw. årsredovisningslagen (1995:1554)).

The company also applies the Nasdaq Stockholm Rulebook. In addition to legislation and the Nasdaq Stockholm Rulebook, the company’s articles of association and its internal guidelines for corporate governance form the basis for the the corporate governance. The articles of association contain e.g. the registered office of the board of directors, the object of the company’s business, the limits for the share capital and number of shares and the conditions for participation at general meetings.

The Code

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the “Code”) defines a norm for good corporate governance at a higher level of ambition than the Swedish Companies Act’s minimum requirements and applies to companies whose shares are being traded on a regulated market in Sweden.

The Code is thus complementary to the Swedish Companies Act by setting higher requirements in some areas, while simultaneously allowing the company to deviate from such requirements if it would be considered to lead to better corporate governance (“comply or explain”). Such deviation, as well as the reasons for the deviation and the alternative solution, shall be reported yearly in a corporate governance report. The Company currently expects to not report any deviation from the Code in the next corporate governance report.

The full Code is available at the Swedish Corporate Governance Board’s website.

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