Safe and developing work environment

Instalco should offer a stimulating work environment with scope for skill development based on the needs of the business. Working at Instalco should strengthen each employee’s skills, which in turn leads to us becoming more attractive as an employer.

Zero vision for workplace accidents

Instalco should have a safe and secure work environment that is healthy, health-promoting, and drug-free.

The work environment should contribute to countering the risk of ill health or accidents. We work continuously with safety-related issues and for a safe work environment with the aim of completely avoiding injuries and accidents at our workplaces.

Well-being, health, and safety

We protect the health and safety of our employees and strive to create a work environment marked by well-being and community. Instalco should offer a stimulating work environment for our employees. An important part of this is the Instalco Club, which is a personnel fund whose purpose is to encourage and reward personnel activities that create social community and health.

Development opportunities

By providing good development opportunities, we can offer our employees good career development within the company while ensuring specialist competence and strengthening the customer offer. Working at Instalco should be developing and strengthen each employee’s skills and individual development. The individual should grow with tasks and training that provide challenge and stimulation.

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