Safe employee

Safe employee (Trygg medarbetare) is included as part of the sustainability programme. This is a programme that supervisors must go through with their respective employees at the start of each new project that will be certified as a Sustainable-rated Instalco project. The Safe employee programme addresses issues from the social perspective in the workplace alongside rules and routines to avoid physical injuries.

Work environment issues are an integral part of the business, and the company works consciously and systematically for a good physical and psychosocial work environment. The overall goal is to strive for a safe, secure, and healthy workplace that promotes the development of both the employees and the company. Questions relating to the work environment must be natural for both employees and managers to be able and dare to raise and discuss in their daily work.

Instalco should have a good working climate that supports cooperation and discourages bullying and harassment, and the cooperation in the workplace must be characterised by respect and understanding for each other and our differences. We must cooperate, care about each other, and help each other when problems and crises arise.

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