Intec designs for future schools

The Instalco company Intec is engaged as coordinator for a major project stretching over ten years, which also got underway during the year. The work pertains to renovation and new construction of three schools. The client is Gagnef Municipality and the buildings will be designed such that they can obtain Miljöbyggnad Certification, Silver level (a system set up by Sweden Green Building).

Intec is the Instalco subsidiary for technical consulting. For this project, Intec's focus will be on optimal design from a lifecycle perspective. One important aspect of that will be installations of solar cells at the schools.

A great deal of emphasis will be put on compatibility of the installation systems from an operational point of view since the municipality would like the installation systems at its schools to be as similar possible. Because of these uniform choices on materials and systems, the operations department will be able to work more efficiently. 

“Energy wells will be used for supplying energy to the heat pumps, and the boreholes will be used for comfort cooling by cooling the supply air. It means that essentially, no additional energy will be needed for these functions,” says Ronny Tenggren, CEO at Intec Dalarna in Borlänge.

The three schools included in the project are Bäsnaskolan (new construction), Kyrkskolan and Djuråsskolan (new construction and additions at both of these).

“Comprehensive installation work will be done at all three schools. We just completed the system phase and will now start the construction phase. The construction projects will get underway successively, based on upcoming political decisions. The timeframe for all of it, however, is ten years,” says Ronny Tenggren.

“We are working closely with Gagnef Municipality and its risk department to examine such things as battery storage of energy and reserve power,” he says.

The contractor for this project is Byggpartner and Dalab (Instalco) has been engaged for the ventilation, assembly, heating & plumbing, electrical and control systems. Intec will design the ventilation, electrical, telecom, fire protection, energy, environmental and kitchen refrigeration systems. It is also responsible for coordination of building modulation. The existing schools have already been scanned in 3D by Intec’s Reality Capture department.

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