Nomination Committee

The nomination committee is a body of the general meeting with the sole task of preparing the general meeting’s decision on electoral and remuneration issues and, where applicable, procedural issues for the next nomination committee.

In accordance with the principles adopted by the Annual General Meeting in Instalco Intressenter AB held on 6 May 2021, the Nomination Committee shall be comprised of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and three members appointed by the three shareholders with the largest number of votes in the company. If either of the shareholders with the largest number of votes waives their right to appoint a member, the shareholder with the next largest shareholding shall be offered the opportunity to appoint a member.

Complete instruction for the nomination committee of Instalco (Item 20 in the Notice of annual general meeting 2021)

The Nomination Committee ahead of the 2024 AGM comprises the following members:

  • Lennart Francke (appointed by Swedbank Robur Funds)
  • Angelica Hanson (appointed by AMF Pension & Funds)
  • Per Sjöstrand

As Per Sjöstrand is the largest owner in Instalco and also the Chairman of the Board, the Nomination Committee ahead of the 2024 AGM comprises three persons.

A shareholder who wishes to submit a proposal to the Nomination Committee shall do this by a written request to the following address:

Instalco AB
Attn. Nomination Committee
Lilla Bantorget 11
SE-111 23 Stockholm

The proposals of the nomination committee will be presented in the notice to attend the AGM and on the company’s website.

The AGM will take place in Stockholm on 6 May 2024.

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