Requirements for standards that go above and beyond

The installation company OTK Klimatinstallationer is carrying out extensive renovations in the classic shop Svenskt Tenn in Östermalm, Stockholm. Some of the major challenges have been finding room for a new modern ventilation unit in the tight basement space and the requirement for no pipework to be visible in the shop. These demand standards that go above and beyond usual practice.

The shop, which was opened in 1924, offers furniture and other objects by some of the most skilled designers and craftsmen of our time.

Stage one of the project began in March of last year and was completed in November 2022. After Svenskt Tenn took over the Carl Malmsten shop, with which it shared a wall, these premises were adapted and expanded to become part of the new Svenskt Tenn.

OTK, which has become a specialist in ventilation contracts, has previously collaborated with the main contractor Metrolit. In the project at Svenskt Tenn, OTK has mainly worked with specially adapted control and ventilation solutions.

“Svenskt Tenn has very high standards and very high requirements, so it has been challenging and exciting to fulfil their wishes for this job,” says Dennis Lindgren, project manager at OTK.

OTK has installed a new ventilation unit in the basement to supply air to the new shop section. A major challenge was managing to fit the unit into the tight spaces.

“Upstairs, all pipes are built into the fabric of the shop section. We have also delivered solutions with clover-patterned grilles that sit in front of the unit so that they blend into the wall.”

Since the house is from the early 1900s and has thick walls, it has also been a challenge to find the right way through the walls to the ventilation devices in the shop upstairs. A construction designer has counted on the durability of the reinforcement of the load-bearing walls when boring holes.

OTK’s ambition is to make this a Classified Sustainable Instalco Project.

“We want to meet existing environmental requirements and do our part. New modern ventilation systems are also very energy-efficient and offer high energy savings as compared to old systems.

We are having a very good experience working together with Metrolit and I would like to praise the fitters for their hard and skilled work. Collaboration among the various professions involved in the project has also flowed well. I hope and believe that we have shown throughout that we have the skills needed for particularly demanding contracts of this type,” says Dennis Lindgren.

In the New Year, OTK will finish its work by adapting the existing shop to its new expanded premises. Part of a former warehouse will be rebuilt to become part of the shop. In addition to a new lighting department and a new serving section in the restaurant, the new shop section has a new conference room, changing rooms, staff toilets and a new technology room.

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