Norway's first Sustainable Instalco Project

When Kristiansand Municipality decided to invest in a new school centre, with three schools situated in the same area, it contracted Moi Rör for the heating & plumbing work. The project, Tangvall School Centre, became Norway's first Sustainable Insta…

19 October 2023
Heating and plumbing

High demand for efficient energy solutions

The Finnish government is investing in energy-efficient solutions in conjunction with new property construction. Instalco’s Finnish subsidiary, LVI-Urakointi Paavola is one of the first companies involved in that effort, at a major apartment building…

05 September 2023
Heating and plumbing

Long-term customer relations resulted in an assignment focusing on sustainability at all levels

When Casall, a company that offers workout clothing, decided to build a new head office in Norrköping, the Instalco company, Rörmokaren, was contracted for all of the heating & plumbing installations. There has been a clear environmental focus throug…

01 August 2023
Heating and plumbing

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