The Instalco Academy

Instalco offers a stimulating work environment and opportunities for personal development. One tool for this is the Instalco Academy, where we train future leaders and create the conditions for a career change within the company.

The Instalco Academy is also run to ensure that everyone at Instalco have the right skills and prerequisites to be able to deliver in their respective roles.

Supervising installers receive training in project collaboration, communication, leadership, and contract law.

Project managers receive more extensive training, which also includes project management, project finance, procurement issues, negotiation techniques, and presentation techniques.

Company managers further receive training in in-depth leadership, customer relations, sustainability, work environment, and sales.

Service managers receive training in behavioural change, business economics, personal development, planning, sales, and added value to the customer.

Finance managers receive training in financial calculations, best practice, calculation of key figures, results and balance, profitability, and financial concepts.

The Instalco Academy also offers sales and negotiation training.

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