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Since our beginning in 2014, we have striven to create a group of the very best companies in their respective fields, and to build a community that promotes collaboration and support for entrepreneurs who want to continue to develop their businesses. Our focus is simple: providing resources and experiences that are created by and for entrepreneurs. 

With a long-term perspective and a strong belief in close relationships and cost awareness, we work to achieve good results and support our companies on their continued path to success. We value working together with our companies and seeing both businesses and individuals develop, which in turn contributes to our vision of reinstalling technology to shape a more sustainable world. 

Instalco offers you a partner and a network of entrepreneurs who support each other and together aim to develop to the next level. Through our decentralised model, your company maintains its brand and identity, which is central for the company to maintain its culture and history.

Why join Instalco?

As part of Instalco, you belong to a strong team and the Nordic region's leading group of entrepreneur-driven installation companies. You get help to develop the business to the next level through the dissemination of best practice, shared business and improved purchasing agreements. Since you are part of a flat organisation with short decision-making paths, there are opportunities for influence and contribution at all levels

Are you part of the next Instalco company?

We are always looking for owner-led and entrepreneur-driven companies that share our values and have demonstrated a history of profitable growth. In our acquisition strategy, priority is given to companies that share our commitment to joint development and growth. 

What do our entrepreneurs say?


One of the pioneers at Instalco

"During this time we have achieved very positive development within our company and we have been able to take on much larger projects than would have been possible without Instalco. The nice thing is that we've been able to pick the cherries off the top of the cake, without being pushed into a box that doesn't fit us," says Mikael Parnelöv, CEO of El-Pågarna.

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Placed Instalco in Örnsköldsvik

"We have gained a network throughout Sweden and have already started to cooperate with several other Instalco companies such as Norrtech, Rörtema and Intec. I'm very positive and it’s not even a year since we joined," says Leif Wallrud, CEO of the company group Inlands Luft, Keyvent and Melin Plåtslageri in Örnsköldsvik.

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We are always looking for new, talented entrepreneurs and companies. Are you interested in having a discussion about what it would mean for you and your company to become part of Instalco? Feel free to get in direct contact with Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt, who works in acquisitions, or with the business area manager in the area where you operate.


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