Mature leadership

Instalco’s core values are based on the equal value of all people. We work actively to ensure that no employee or job seeker with us is discriminated against, regardless of gender, age, ethnic affiliation, sexual orientation, or functional variation, and we therefore do not accept discrimination in any form.

Business ethics

A basic requirement is that all our employees follow the laws and regulations that apply. In addition to that, Instalco takes responsibility for following high standards of good ethics and business ethics in all our operations, and in all relationships.

Instalco’s Code of Conduct consists of a number of principles that describe our shared values. The purpose of the code of conduct is to convey ethical values and business principles to all employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners and owners and to provide guidance in daily work.

Social responsibility

As a leading player in the installation industry, Instalco bears a great social responsibility. We aim to recruit staff from a wide range of society. At all levels, Instalco should be characterised by an open and permissive climate, free from prejudice. Instalco should offer everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity, the same opportunities for career and skills development.

The apprenticeship programme is a way of taking social responsibility and is an important part of Instalco’s existing operations. It is also a way to secure the long-term supply of skilled employees.

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