Hangar 5

Office and retail building

The Instalco company Rörgruppen has been entrusted with the position of collaborative partner to NCC on the Hangar 5 project. The developer NCC owns Hangar 5 in Bromma, Stockholm, and is developing it with the vision of creating a new sustainable district as part of the transformation from an old industrial city to an urban mixed city.


Retirement home

Four Instalco companies have been jointly commissioned to construct the Gyllehemmet retirement home in Borlänge. The assignment concerns installation of ventilation, heating and sanitation, kitchen refrigeration and comprehensive kitchen facilities in a turnkey contract together with Peab, Magnolia Bostad and Borlänge municipality.


Shopping centre

Instalco's companies LVI-Urakointi Paavola and Twinputki in Finland have been commissioned to carry out HVAC and sprinkler installations for the expansion of a shopping center in Helsinki.

Operan and Operetten


Three Instalco companies have been jointly commissioned to instal electricity, HVAC and ventilation for JM in a new-build flats project in Malmö.


Geothermal plant

The Instalco company LG Contracting has been commissioned to carry out heating and plumbing installations for the new construction of 650 apartments in a new district in Upplands-Bro. The assignment also includes system design and installation of a unique and specially adapted geothermal heating plant.

EON head office


The Instalco companies Bi-Vent and Sprinklerbolaget Syd have been commissioned by Skanska and Castellum to carry out comprehensive installations of ventilation and sprinklers during the construction of E.ON's new Nordic headquarters in Malmö.

Mora hospital


The Instalco company EKTK has received an order regarding the electric power system for the expansion of the Mora hospital.

Scandic Ariadne

Hotel renovation

The Instalco companies Rörgruppen AB and Ohmegi Elektro AB have been jointly commissioned to carry out installation of heating, plumbing and electrical facilities for an extensive renovation project on the Scandic hotel in Värtahamnen, Stockholm.

Region Västmanland's new emergency hospital 

New construction, hospital

Three Instalco companies have signed a joint assignment regarding planning for Region Västmanland's new emergency hospital in Västerås. The Instalco companies Instair and Sprinklerbolaget, in close collaboration with Instalco's technical consultant Intec, are working through partnership on planning for ventilation and sprinklers.

Construction City

New construction, offices

The Instalco company Lysteknikk Elektroentreprenør AS has been commissioned to design and instal electricity for the new construction of the Construction City office building in Oslo.



The Instalco companies EKTK and App Startup have signed an agreement with Stockholm Exergi regarding measures at the Högdalenverket in Stockholm. The assignment includes electrical and control systems. The assignment for EKTK includes the replacement of five existing switchgear assemblies which are to be replaced by new ones. The work includes demolition and dismantling of existing switchgear as well as new delivery, assembly, commissioning and adaptation. In this project, App Start-Up is responsible for all work on adaptation and integration of control systems for the new switchgear.

Böle school

New construction

The Instalco companies Uudenmaan LVI-Talo, Twinputki and Milvent have been jointly commissioned for the new construction of Böle school in Helsinki. The collaborators and clients on the project are the construction company Jatke Toimitilat and the City of Helsinki.


Industrial upgrade

The Instalco company Avent AB in Kalmar has been commissioned by Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB) to carry out installations of ventilation systems at Clab, the Central Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel. The project involves modernisation and energy optimisation of the ventilation system at Clab in Oskarshamn.


Renovation of flats

The Instalco companies RP Montage & Energipartner and TC Kraft have been jointly commissioned to carry out electrical and VS installations during an extensive renovation of approximately 200 apartments in Östersund. The Hjorten neighborhood in Östersund consists of 192 apartments distributed among eight building blocks which will now be renovated with the creation of ten new homes. The Hjorten neighborhood is part of Östersundshem's major renovation, conversion and extension project.

HSB Graniten

Renovation of flats

The Instalco company Calmarsunds VVS has been commissioned as general contractor for the two-stage renovation of flats in the residential area HSB Graniten in Kalmar. The Instalco company Elovent is a subcontractor on the project, where the focus is on energy efficiency. The assignment is a partnered project and will be carried out for HSB Sydost.

Zinkgruvan Mining

Industrial conversion

The installation companies EKTK and LIAB have been commissioned to carry out technical installation work on Zinkgruvan Mining’s rebuilding project for its mineral processing plant in Zinkgruvan outside Askersund. This conversion project is intended to optimise capacity. The assignment for Instalcobolagen includes, among other things, installations of new pump systems and power supply in the form of switchgear and transformers.


New industrial construction

The Instalco company Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy in Oulu has signed an agreement regarding technical installations required when SSAB expands its facility in Brahestad in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The assignment includes installation of heating, sanitation and ventilation facilities and is carried out on behalf of the construction company Skarta Finland Ltd with SSAB as the end client.

Alfa Laval

New construction of offices
Flemingsberg Stockholm

The Instalco company Instair, in collaboration with Skanska and Fabege, will deliver and instal air treatment systems at Alfa Laval's new premises in Flemingsberg, Stockholm. The project includes new construction of 31,500 square meters of property for use as offices, a restaurant, a garage and an innovation centre.


Office and retail building

The Instalco company LG Contracting has been commissioned to carry out all heating and plumbing installations at Gothenburg's new landmark Kineum. The building will have 28 storeys, will be 111 meters high and will be built by NCC and Platzer.

Stora Enso Skutskär Mill 


Instalco company Orab has been commissioned to deliver pipe installations for the conversion of Stora Enso's facility in Skutskär. Orab will carry out all pipe installations at Skutskär Mill for connection of all new machine parts in the conversion project. The aim is to change the manufacturing process to a functioning plant for the production of fluff pulp.

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