Instalco provides planning, technical installation, servicing and maintenance to properties and facilities in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We offer complete solutions in electricity, HVAC, ventilation, industry, automation and technical consulting.

Instalco Dalarna

Heating and plumbing

Instalco offers a wide range of heating, plumbing and sprinkler services, everything from new manufacture and renovation through ongoing repairs and servicing. We are highly skilled in the areas of heating, natural gas, heat pumps, tunnel piping, sanitary facilities, heating and cooling/air conditioning.


We are able to work with electrical installations of all types. We are a significant presence in the area of commercial real estate and housing as well as in the installation of charging posts and solar cell systems. Within the traditional electrical field, we work with everything from KNX, telecommunications and alarm installations through communication solutions in the area of electrical installations such as cable TV, fibre, network/data installations and energy optimisation.


Instalco’s companies in the field of ventilation are indoor climate exports and can offer a wide range of climate-smart, energy-efficient ventilation solutions for e.g. office and residential properties, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities.


Instalco has extensive experience in electricity, power, automation and process work. We implement projects in the areas of process industry, machinery, water and energy. Our customers are major industries, energy companies within municipal companies, county councils and administrative bodies.

Technical Consulting

In the business area of Technical Consulting, Instalco offers comprehensive skills in automation, installation, real estate, energy, industry, infrastructure and fire protection. Our core business area is planning and we also offer other services such as project and construction management.

Instalco consists of a cohesive group of companies with strong local roots, specialised knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. We implement collaboration between our companies and technology areas to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that work over the long term.

Instalco's subsidiaries are all specialists in their respective fields and together we create cooperation, cross-selling and sharing of best practice among our companies. Through our technical knowledge and experience, we can enter the construction process at an early stage and offer competitive, sustainable and customised solutions, while achieving the benefits of coordination.

Business operations, which are highly decentralised, are conducted through the subsidiaries with the support of the central organisation. 

How we manage multidisciplinary projects

  • Shared focus on the end result 
  • Coordination and collaboration across technical areas
  • One project manager for all installationers 
  • Technical solutions that operate together for an optimal energy solution
  • We take total responsibility for all parts of the project

What do we give you as our client?

Multidisciplinary solutions

Together, we combine specialist knowledge in several different areas under one roof.


We like collaborating with others, and having fun together reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

Experience and resources

We are always sharing our experience, capacity and knowledge with one another.

Easy organisation

Our way of operating projects, with thorough documentation, makes it easy to keep everything organised.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland