Sustainable installations

Instalco works with sustainability issues in all parts of the company’s operations, from the selection of products and suppliers, via purchases and logistics flows to our offer: installations, operation and service.

Sustainable Instalco project

As part of our sustainability programme, we have our own certification system, Sustainable Instalco project. The purpose is to be able to offer our customers a guarantee that we have taken important sustainability issues into account in all parts of the project’s implementation. The criteria for a project to receive the rating include issues of occupational safety, transport and deliveries, climate benefit, recycling and source sorting, operation and service maintenance and that the suppliers are expected to sign a code of conduct covering valuation issues such as equal treatment and anti-discrimination.

In order for a project to obtain the rating and become a Sustainable Instalco project, it is required that the project fulfils all six indicators.

Societal benefit

Instalco’s ambition is to each day contribute to society through climate-smart and energy-efficient installations that lead to lower resource consumption. Our endeavour is to always benefit society by helping our customers to reduce their environmental impact, to have a lower energy consumption, and to increase awareness of product and material selection, transport, waste management and source sorting.

The company should also contribute to benefiting society through central initiatives and collaborations with organizations that work for a better environment and a more sustainable planet.

Customer satisfaction

Instalco’s operations are conducted in close relationship with the customer, where we design and install future-proof and energy-efficient systems. Proposed technical solutions must be characterised by high reliability, energy efficiency, environmental considerations, low life cycle costs, personal safety, and high quality.

At Instalco, we have long relationships with many of our customers and generally a high percentage of repeat customers. Our ambition is to always offer the best possible service to our customers.

Satisfied customers are repeat customers and with high customer satisfaction, growth is created.

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