Our suppliers

By collaborating with our suppliers, we at Instalco create an offering that meets our clients' expectations while taking into account our high demands on sustainability, quality and cost control. Our suppliers reflect the disciplines in which we operate and are leading players in electric, plumbing, ventilation, industry and refrigeration. Work with suppliers, for example in terms of agreements and selection, takes place both centrally at the group's purchasing department and locally at our subsidiaries. For more information, please contact our Purchasing Department (see under contact information).

As a leading Nordic social actor in the installation industry, where we conduct business through our subsidiaries, Instalco has a responsibility to ensure that not only our group, but also our suppliers, conduct work that promotes sustainable development. Instalco's Code of Conduct provides our suppliers with clear guidelines on how to act in relation to Instalco and our mutual surroundings. The Code of Conduct is valid for all suppliers with whom Instalco has central agreements and the suppliers are expected to act on the principles stipulated in this Code of Conduct and be able to demonstrate that this is complied with in their respective operations.

Supplier Code of Conduct (in English)

Contact information

All purchases are made by the respective subsidiaries and all invoices must be sent to the correct purchasing Instalco company and in the format desired by the purchasing company. See more on each subsidiary's website.


Michel Garcia

Head of Purchasing

michel.garcia@instalco.se +46 (0) 70 634 52 97

Patrik Fröde

Purchasing Controller

patrik.frode@instalco.se +46 (0) 73 559 90 84

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