Sustainability targets

Instalco has a number of objectives for each focus area within the sustainability programme. The goals are set and followed up on an annual basis.

A safe and developing work environment

Zero vision for workplace accidents

Reported workplace accidents that led to sick leave:
Target: 0%


Well-being, health and security

Employees who are satisfied with their work situation as a whole
Target: >90%

Staff turnover
Target: <10%

Sick leave
Target: <5%


Development opportunities

Employees who have participated in training at the Instalco Academy
Target: >200

Employees who feel that they have been offered development opportunities
Target: >75%

Sustainable installations

Sustainable Instalco project

Projects certified as Sustainable Instalco projects
Target: >60


Societal benefit

Participation in central initiatives that contribute to societal benefit
Instalco are members of the UN cooperation initiative Global Compact and the industry association against workplace accidents Håll Nollan (‘Keep the Zero’).

Mature leadership

Business ethics

Reported cases against the Code of Conduct through the whistleblower function
Goal: 0


Social responsibility

Number of apprentices in the group
Target: >200


Read more about the outcomes for each target in 2022.

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