Instalco has extensive experience in electricity, power, automation and process work. We implement projects in the areas of process industry, machinery, water and energy. Our customers are major industries, energy companies within municipal companies, county councils and administrative bodies.

We implement electrical and pipe installations and machine assembly in industry, municipal companies, county councils and administrations. We have documented experience in project management within industrial electrical and pipe assembly with all forms of contracting represented.

Our companies are specialists in infrastructure, automation, instrumentation, exhaust gas treatment for ships and ballast water treatment. We work on planning, energy and security.

Instalco also has expertise in the manufacture and maintenance of pressure-bearing devices for industry. Within the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, we work with manufacture and assembly of pipe installations.  We are also represented in the nuclear power area, having extensive experience of being present and carrying out pipe installations in this type of environment.

We offer a wide range of automation solutions in the energy industry

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Jonas Björk

Business Area Manager Industrial +46 (0) 72 979 75 06

Anders Kallin

Business Area Manager Stockholm +46 (0) 70 916 19 28


Hp Welding

Huge recycling of electronics has been made possible by the installations

At Boliden’s smelting plant in Ronnskär, you can find one of the world’s largest recycling stations for electronics. The Instalco company, HP Welding has been contracted for manufacturing and installing a hood for the boiler of the furnace.


Solutions that save energy for brewery giant

The Instalco company, Kompressorteknik has been engaged for energy efficiency work at Spendrup’s brewery in Grängesberg. Through innovative product solutions, Kompressorteknik has captured savings for Spendrups. Not only have the energy costs decreased, but there is now also a higher level of utilisation.


Optimization at gasification plant

Höganäs is one of the world’s largest producers of metal powder used in vehicle components, among other things. The Instalco Company, App Start-Up, has been involved in efforts to optimize operations at a gasification plant that produces pure energy gas for metal powder production.


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