Collaborative initiatives

Cooperation with Naturskyddsföreningen (‘the Nature Conservation Society’)

Instalco and the Nature Conservation Society collaborate for cleaner water and to reduce the presence of pharmaceuticals in nature. The collaboration makes it possible for the Nature Conservation Society to intensify work around water purification and pharmaceutical discharges, which in this way contributes to cleaner water in Sweden, above all in the Baltic Sea.

Pharmaceuticals are a globally occurring pollutant in watercourses. Pharmaceutical contaminants in the environment can inhibit reproduction, affect the behaviour of aquatic species and be toxic to others. Antibiotic resistance is an example of a growing global problem accelerated by these pollutants.

- Purification of water and air is close to our hearts. We install water and air purification plants on a daily basis and want to create a better environment by contributing what we can. As part of our sustainability work, we are therefore starting a collaboration with the Nature Conservation Association to minimise the spread of pharmaceuticals in our waters, says Robin Boheman, president and CEO of Instalco.

Protects the Baltic Sea

The Nature Conservation Society and Instalco protect the Baltic Sea and Sweden’s other vital waters. In order to ensure clean drinking water and a living aquatic environment for future generations, the parties want to see a reduction in emissions of environmental toxins.

- We are very happy to have the opportunity to switch up our work with a non-toxic environment and to be able to focus a little extra on the water environment. Pharmaceutical residues and other unwanted substances in our waters can affect both animal and plant life and us humans. The most important thing is that they do not end up in the water to begin with, but when that is the case, we have to try to remove it as much as possible, says Karin Lexén, secretary general of the Nature Conservation Association.

Instalco’s and the Nature Conservation Association’s collaboration is initially for three years. The support from Instalco will constitute a grant that will be used to protect and preserve the Baltic Sea and other waters in Sweden. This is to be done, among other things, through the production of reports, implementation of information campaigns, and political influence for sustainable pharmaceutical production.

Collaboration with Wayout

Instalco and Wayout International collaborate to increase access to clean water in vulnerable areas of the world. Swedish Wayout develops micro-factories for local purification of water into usable drinking water.

For many people in the world, safe drinking water is in short supply. Wayout produces turnkey micro-purification plants for local production and distribution of clean drinking water. The facilities are distributed to vulnerable areas in the world.

- Clean drinking water should be a right for all people, but unfortunately in many places in the world, clean water is not a certainty. Purification and handling of water is central at Instalco and something we are passionate about. Therefore, we want to contribute with what we can, says Robin Boheman, CEO of Instalco.

A micro-factory can produce 150,000 litres of drinking water a month and reduces environmentally harmful steps such as bottling, transport, and waste disposal of plastic bottles. In the 15 square meter micro factories, the purified water is remineralized and used as drinking water or as a base in other drinks. The fully automated system is developed to be powered by solar cells.

- We are very happy to begin the collaboration with Instalco and to share their expertise. If there is one thing we have understood this pandemic year, it is that it is no longer possible to rely on global value chains. We humans have to rethink, we need to start producing locally and we need to become self-sufficient in a sustainable way, says Ulf Stenerhag, CEO of Wayout.

As part of our sustainability programme, Instalco has entered into a partnership with Wayout International. The collaboration enables Wayout to intensify the work with the production and distribution of micro-purification factories to areas of the world with a lack of serviceable drinking water. The micro-factories are built in Copenhagen and shipped turnkey to users all over the world.

Collaboration with Universeum

Within the framework of the sustainability programme, Instalco collaborates with Universeum, Sweden's national science centre in Gothenburg. The collaboration aims to develop knowledge in the area of sustainability.

Through the collaboration, Instalco supports Universeum’s mission to strengthen Sweden’s supply of skills and innovation power and contribution to sustainable societal development.

- One of our sub-goals in our sustainability work at Instalco is to benefit society. We do that every day through our climate-smart and energy-efficient installations. We also do this through collaborations with organizations that work for a better and more sustainable society. We want to create a better environment by contributing what we can, and the collaboration with Universeum fits in well, says Robin Boheman, CEO of Instalco.

Instalco’s support is to be used in Universeum’s work to develop Sweden sustainably through:

  • strengthened competence supply, competitiveness, and innovativeness
  • strengthened research, education, and public education
  • action for sustainability within the framework of Agenda 2030, the UN’s 17 global goals

The collaboration will highlight the importance of sustainability from several different perspectives and contribute to the development of knowledge for several different target groups for sustainable social development.

Cooperation with Svenska Bussarna (‘Swedish Buses’)

Instalco supports the Swedish Buses project in their aid efforts in Ukraine. The project has helped many people in need and a country in need of help.

Svenska Bussarna is a private charity initiative that was started by seven friends from Stockholm on February 28, 2022. Svenska Bussarna has donated 59 vehicles, four ambulances, approximately 150 tons of supplies, helped over 700 women and children to safety in Sweden and other countries in Europe, and distributed approximately 300 Christmas presents to children in Ukraine. Svenska Bussarna works project-based and constantly adapts to the situation in Ukraine so that what is donated is what is most needed at each given moment.

Swedish Buses has contact with local aid organizations and authorities and arranges sponsorship from companies and private individuals. Instalco’s support includes financial support, in addition there have been private collections within the Instalco group.

- When I heard about the project, I felt that we at Instalco should support this fantastic initiative. We have sponsored the project with time that our employees put in and were responsible for one of the  first buses, a refrigerated truck, a number of generators as well as other costs that make this incredible relief work possible. I am proud that we can contribute and that we have employees who are willing to offer their help when it is most needed, says Robin Boheman, CEO of Instalco.

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