Vision and strategy

Instalco consists of a cohesive group of companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland with extensive experience in the industry. We combine an innovative business model with extensive knowledge in our technical areas. This leads to efficient collaboration both internally and for our clients.


Focus on business, employees and customers

We enable our companies, employees and customers to grow by collaborating on installations for transition to a green society for the next generation. We are the most competent and efficient partner for our customers.

Business concept

Comprehensive technical solutions with the customer at the center

We offer complete technical solutions in electric, plumbing, ventilation, industry and technical consultancy for the Nordic market. We combine the local company's proximity to the client with efficient collaboration and mature leadership.

Business model

Acquire and strengthen – for sustainable development

Our growth strategy is largely based on the acquisition of profitable companies with a strong local connection. Instalco is a niche acquirer that focuses exclusively on quality companies. By merging newly acquired companies with companies already existing within Instalco, we create synergy and collaboration.

We want to enable our subsidiaries to grow stronger and retain the entrepreneurial spirit that has made them successful. 


The way forward for Instalco

In order to achieve its financial and sustainability goals, Instalco works according to clear strategies for the prioritized areas of: profitability, clients, sustainable growth as well as staff and leadership.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland