Instalco operates according to a highly decentralized model. The operations within Instalco are conducted out at each respective company, in close relation to the client, and with the support of a small central organization.

Instalco is divided into six geographical business areas; four in Sweden, one in Norway and one in Finland. Within the geographical business area, the local companies cooperate with the support of a business area manager, and it is in this context that most of the collaboration between companies takes place.

Instalco has a small, effective management team in Stockholm, which is supported by regional coordination and strong local leadership. Instalco has joint business functions within the group for financial management, purchasing, business development, acquisitions, IR and communication.

Each company is responsible for its client, product, production and staff. Each company manages its own marketing communications, project management and finances. The companies within Instalco work closely together on projects to provide the client with comprehensive solutions.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland