The Instalco Model

We aim to enable our subsidiaries to grow stronger and to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that has made them successful. The Instalco model is designed to take advantage of both strong local connections as well as mutual business functions.

Real and Actual Decentralization

Instalco has a flat organization and a highly decentralized management model. Each company maintains responsibility for its own strategy, clients, staff, provision of competency and results. We want to develop entrepreneurship in our subsidiaries, not remove it.

Within Instalco, each company retains its name, brand and culture. The purpose is to maintain strong local relationships and responsibility for the control over and conducting of projects.


Collaboration for Growth

At Instalco, we operate according to what we call "best practice". This means that we share the best of all subsidiaries with each other, which creates a strong development of knowledge within the group. We learn from each other and use the best methods available.

A central part of the idea behind Instalco is to be able to offer each unit's clients multidisciplinary solutions and cross-selling through collaboration between units.

In many cases, we work with more than one Instalco company on the same project.

In Instalco, the business becomes part of a strong team, an elite group that plays together. The subsidiaries simultaneously compete, support and develop each other.


Central Coordination

Instalco's central organization is limited to the functions requested by, and which create value for, the local units.

Cost synergies are achieved by negotiating and coordinating contracts centrally for, for example, inputs and insurance. The central organization also provides support to local units in business development, strategy planning, resource planning and acquisitions.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland