About Instalco

Electric, plumbing, ventilation, industry and technical consultancy is our specialty. We carry out design, installation, service and maintenance of properties and facilities in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

We reduce energy consumptions through climate-smart and sustainable installations.

We can offer developing work, collaborations and opportunities to become part of Instalco. Together, we create synergy and collaboration.

Instalco's founding idea

Hear Per Sjöstrand, founder and Chairman of the Board, tell about the fundamental idea behind Instalco. English subtitles.


Ten Years of Acquisition

Instalco started operations in 2014 through the acquisition of five installation companies, all of which had extensive experience from the industry and good profitability.


Decentralized Culture

Instalco has a decentralized structure where operations are conducted by each unit in close relation to the client, and with the support of a small central organization.

The Instalco Model

Innovative Efficient Collaboration

Our value statement provides clear assurances for clients of Instalco and its subsidiaries. It defines how Instalco operates on a day-to-day basis.

Our values

Want to develop your business?

If you are the right company for us, then Instalco offers a lot of added value. Together, we create synergy and collaboration.

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