Projects with a focus on reuse

Kronåsen in Uppsala is a conversion and reuse project adapting Uppsala University's former campus into a modern, municipal upper secondary school for 1,400 students. Two Instalco companies are involved in the project: Intec Mitt is responsible for de…

20 September 2023
Technical Consulting

Successful renovation thanks to early involvement

With the expansion of the historic property, Åkerblads Gästgiveri in Tällberg, careful renovation and installations were required to preserve the unique environment. The key to success was for Instalco’s technical consultants at Intec to get involved…

11 August 2023
Technical Consulting

Intec designs for future schools

The Instalco company Intec is engaged as coordinator for a major project stretching over ten years, which also got underway during the year. The work pertains to renovation and new construction of three schools. The client is Gagnef Municipality and…

27 July 2023
Technical Consulting

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