Our sustainability programme

World-class sustainable installations

Instalco runs the company-wide sustainability programme Sustainable Installations with three focus areas that aim to strengthen sustainability work in order to deliver world-class sustainable installations. Our ambition is to each day contribute to society through climate-smart and energy-efficient installations, which lead to lower resource consumption and thereby a more sustainable planet.

Our three focus areas

A safe and developing work environment

Working within Instalco should strengthen each employee’s skills, which in turn leads to us becoming more attractive as an employer. Instalco should offer a stimulating work environment.

Sustainable installations

Instalco works with sustainability issues in all parts of the company’s operations, from the selection of products and suppliers, via purchases and logistics flows to our offer: installations, operation and service.

Mature leadership

Instalco’s core values are based on the equal value of all people. We work actively to ensure that no employee or job seeker with us is discriminated against, and we therefore do not accept discrimination in any form.

Sustainability Report 2022

More information

The sustainability report is included in Instalco’s annual reports, which are collected on the Investors page. The latest report can be found below.

Sustainability Report 2022
Goals and outcome

Instalco’s sustainability goals

Instalco has a number of objectives for each focus area within the sustainability programme. The goals are set and followed up on an annual basis.

Sustainability goals
Sustainability contact

Fredrik Trahn

Head of Communications and Sustainability

fredrik.trahn@instalco.se +46 (0) 70 913 67 96

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