Illustration: Axis

Instalco wins new assignment at office and logistics centre

The Instalco company, Insta El in Malmö has won an assignment for design and installation of the electricity solution at the construction of Axis Opera, a new office and logistics centre at Brunnshög in Lund. The agreement is worth approximately SEK 65 million for Instalco.

The turnkey project includes all of the electricity at the building, such as high voltage, power, lighting, security systems, data networks and fire alarm systems.

“This is an exciting, large, and comprehensive project that we have undertaken. We have extensive experience of similar projects and are looking forward to closely collaborating with Skanska in this endeavour,” says Jonas Nilsson CEO at Insta El.

The Axis Opera office building will be built at the site of Axis’ current offices, where the company will be moving its logistics centre. It will be seven stories high, with a total area of approximately 27,500 sq. m. Much emphasis will be on creating a pleasant work environment and long-term sustainability. The intention is to have the project certified as a Sustainable Instalco Project, as well as Miljöbyggnad Certification, Silver level (a system set up by Sweden Green Building) and Miljöbyggnad Gold for Energy.

The project is already underway, and it is expected to be completed during summer 2026. The client is Skanska and the end customer is Axis Opera.

Insta El i Malmö focuses on electricity, telecommunications, and safety work, with emphasis on turnkey projects and partnering.

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