The Electrial area services include phone and alarm installations, communication solutions in electrical installations such as cable TV, fibre, network/data installation, as well as solar screen installations and energy savings measures. The size of the projects varies from large cooperation contracts and contracts on new constructions to smaller contracts and service.

Company Head office Region Business area
El-Pågarna Malmö South Electrical
Vallacom Linköping East Electrical
PoB:s Elektriska Uppsala Stockholm Electrical
El-Expressen Lund South Electrical
Ohmegi Stockholm Stockholm Electrical
Romerike Elektro Oslo Norway Electrical
Voltmen Helsinki Finland Electrical
Dalab Borlänge North Ventilation Heating and plumbing Electrical
JN Elinstallatörer Södertälje Stockholm Electrical
Uudenmaan LVI-Talo Helsinki Finland Heating and plumbing Electrical Ventilation
Uudenmaan Sähköteknikka JP Helsinki Finland Electrical
AS Elektrisk Oslo Norway Electrical
Frøland & Noss Elektro AS Bergen Norway Electrical
Elkontakt Borås West Electrical
Telefuusio Helsinki Finland Electrical
Elektro-Centralen Gothenburg West Electrical
3EL Västerås North Electrical
Rikelektro Umeå and Halden North Norway Electrical
APC Linköping East Electrical
Automationsbolaget Sala North Electrical Heating and plumbing Ventilation
MSI Motala Electrical Heating and plumbing
Sähkö-Buumi Helsinki Finland Electrical
El & Säkerhet Katrineholm East Electrical
Instamate Södertälje Stockholm Heating and plumbing Electrical Ventilation Industrial
Insta EL Malmö South Electrical
Bogesunds Ulricehamn West Electrical
VIP-Sähkö Helsinki Finland Electrical
Henningsons Falun North Electrical
Elovent Kalmar South Electrical
Elub Växjö South Electrical
Sähkö-Arkita Oulu Finland Electrical
Boman El Norrköping East Electrical
JB Elektro Tromsö Norway Electrical
Lincom Norrköping East Electrical
Kempes El Kramfors North Electrical
Östersjö Elektriska Norrtälje Stockholm Electrical
Elinstallationer i Karlshamn Karlshamn South Electrical
Lampans elinstallationer Karlskrona South Electrical
Nihén Elmontage Gothenburg West Electrical
Forsséns El Södertälje Stockholm Electrical
Installationsservice Eskilstuna East Heating and plumbing Electrical Ventilation
SSE Blomstermåla South Electrical