IFOKUS is a framework for carrying out continuous improvements within the group.

The program contains a number of strategic tools for illuminating and developing key improvement areas, as well as for ensuring that Instalco’s units are participating in the group’s development and that initiatives do not encroach on the autonomy of the units.

The overaching objectives of IFOKUS are to:

  • Improve the profitability
  • Increase the cash conversion
  • Work smarter – not harder

IFOKUS stands for:
I Instalco
F Förbättringsarbete (Improvement work)
O Ordning (order)
K Kompetens (competence)
U Utveckling av processer (development of processes)
S Samverkan (collaboration)


IFOKUS is an iterative process which proceeds based on an analysis phase in which a number possible improvement areas are defined. In the analysis phase, Instalco’s various unit managers are brought together to jointly generate and prioritise ideas concerning possible improvement areas. The starting point for these improvement areas may be both existing problems as well as identified opportunities. Each improvement area becomes the basis for an initiative. In respect of each initiative, Instalco formulates a clear goal and appoints a working group and a group leader. The working groups may comprise unit managers, individuals within the units who possess specific expertise related to the initiative, and employees at Instalco’s central organisation. Our philosophy is that the goal must be ambitious in order to stimulate new approaches and creative thinking. The working groups are responsible for defining a strategy as to how Instalco is to achieve the established goal, and for converting the strategy into a clearly defined plan of action which describes steps for achieving the goal. During planning and implementation, initiatives are regularly evaluated in order to adjust goals, strategies and plans of action.