Senior Management

Robin Boheman,

Robin Boheman

Born: 1984.
Position: CEO
Experience:  Robin has prior experience in the strategic development of listed companies and as a consultant. He has worked as a consultant in business development, purchasing and transactions and has been responsible for all of Instalco’s acquisitions since the start in 2014. He has a Master’s degree in accounting and finance from Uppsala Universitet (the University of Uppsala).
Holdings in Instalco: 1 746 980 shares and 25 000 options.

Christina Kassberg,

Christina Kassberg

Name: Christina Kassberg
Born: 1968
Position: CFO
Experience: Christina has long and solid experience as a CFO in listed companies and as a consultant. She has also worked with business management, HR and sustainability. Christina has previously held similar positions at Climeon, Addtech, Resurs Holding, Stim and Medivir, among others, and has been an auditor at Öhrling PricewaterhouseCoopers. Christina has a Bsc in Economics from Stockholm University.
Holdings in Instalco: 20 900 shares 

Fredrik Trahn,

Fredrik Trahn

Born: 1969
Position: Head of Communications and Investor Relations
Experience: Fredrik has prior experience within the field of journalism, communication, IR and media in several positions in the industry. He has worked as Head of Information in the pharmaseutical company Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Press Secretary at Electrolux, Media Manager at SEB in the The Volvo Ocean Race. He has also been Head of Communications at Swedish Athletics and journalist at Svenska Dagbladet.
Holdings in Instalco: 5 175 shares and 10 000 options.

Extended Senior Management

Instalco's extend Senior Management is in addition to the senior management above made up of the following persons.

Roger Aksnes
Born: 1972
Position: Business Area Manager, Norway
Work experience: Project Manager and Head of Department at Bravida, CEO Andersen og Aksnes Rørleggerbedrift
Education: PHS technician and Pipe Layer, technical college
Holdings in Instalco: 395 000 shares and 20 000 options.

Johan Larsson
Born: 1976
Position: Business Area Manager, North
Work experience: CEO DALAB Dala Luftbehandling, CEO DALAB Group AB
Education: Upper secondary and training in sheet metal and ventilation installations
Holdings in Instalco: 1 611 830 shares and 20 000 options.

Patrik Persson
Born: 1964
Position: Business Area Manager, South
Work experience: Deputy CEO and CEO Rörläggaren Education PHS technician, technical college
Holdings in Instalco: 41 880 shares and 20 000 options.

Tobias Eriksson
Born: 1981
Position: Business Area Manager, Stockholm
Work experience: CEO Aircano Inomhusklimat, CEO Södertörns VVS-konsulter, CEO Aircano AB
Education: Upper secondary and training in sheet metal and ventilation installations
Holdings in Instalco: 745 135 shares and 15 000 options.

Peter Hjerpe
Born: 1964
Position: Business Area Manager, East
Work experience: CEO JN El
Education: Upper secondary
Holdings in Instalco: 109 975 shares and 20 000 options.

Ulf Bergquist
Born: 1964
Position: Business Area Manager, West
Work experience: CEO Luftkontroll AB, CEO VentPartner i Närke AB, CEO VentPartner Sverige AB
Education: Operations technician, University of Örebro
Holdings in Instalco: 179 730 shares and 8 240 options.

Anders Lundin
Born: 1966
Position: Business Area Manager, Technical Consulting
Work experience: 30 years of experience from Technical Consulting business in many roles. Regional Manager and Business Area President at ÅF Buildings. CEO INTEC Nordic.
Education: Engineer in HVAC and Energy, Marketing and Organisation theory.
Holdings in Instalco: 0 shares and 9 000 options.

Gustaf Larsson Ernefeldt
Born: 1987
Position: Head of M&A
Professional experience: M&A, Business Development and Controller at Werksta Group, Consultant M&A Advisory Services at Grant Thornton, Finance/Treasury at Findus.
Education: MBA from Lund University in Corporate and Financial Management
Holdings in Instalco: 6 250 shares and 25 000 options.


Holding as of 5 May 2022. Including closely related physical and legal persons’ holdings.