Photo: Granitor Enter Ställningar.

Acquisition of Enter Ställningar completed

Instalco's acquisition of Enter Ställningar AB has now been completed after having been approved by the Swedish Competition Authority. With this acquisition, Instalco adds approximately SEK 970 million in sales during the first quarter.

“During the quarter, we have made three major acquisitions with Lysteknikk, Enter Ställningar and Processus, along with three smaller ones, which were Telepatrol, RP Montage and SMT. All of them are excellent, specialised companies that are a nice fit with Instalco,” says Robin Boheman, CEO of Instalco.

“We will continue pursuing our acquisition agenda, with an eye on the best companies in the sector. Instalco was, after all, created to be the best harbour for installation companies and now also for technical consulting and industry companies. At the same time, we also put much emphasis on caring for, and further developing the companies of these entrepreneurs, along with ensuring that they remain profitable as part of the Instalco Group,” says Robin.

“I am very pleased to now have Enter Ställningar onboard. We will continue pursuing our strategy of growing stronger in the industrial segment and see great opportunities for synergies with our other Instalco companies,” says Robin Boheman.

Enter Ställningar has its head office in Gothenburg and around 120 employees, with annual sales of around SEK 340 million. It has a full service offering in construction and industrial scaffolding, serving the southwestern region of Sweden. Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Enter Ställningar AB, as of 28 March. The acquisition is expected to have a marginally positive impact on Instalcos's earnings per share.

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