Apartment project with focus on low energy consumption

The Instalco company, Tofta Plåt och Ventilation, has worked with the apartment project, Nya Kvibergshuset, which earlier this year was nominated for the Årets Bygge Award (Construction of the Year). Low energy consumption was a clear focus throughout the entire project.

The construction project at Beväringsgatan in Gothenburg, which was concluded during fall 2022, has 250 newly built apartments, four small store premises and a two-story parking garage constructed by Tuve Bygg. The Årets Bygge Award is run by the magazine, Byggindustrin and they evaluate the nominees on five criteria: work environment, sustainability, time/quality/budget, technology/innovation and collaboration.

“We were responsible for the ventilation, both design and installation, along with the control system. Energy efficiency and sustainability were key aspects, which basically applies to all our projects,” explains Richard ­Gustafsson, CEO of Tofta Plåt och Ventilation.

He also explains that for residential property, where the ventilation system is running 24/7, low energy consumption is extra important, particularly for the unit and fans.

“For this project, there was a clear focus on energy saving right from the start. For example, the customer required that the ventilation system should have the lowest possible energy consumption. With the air flow in the building today, it corresponds to a savings of just over 50,000 KWh per year. Given today’s electricity prices, the customer is very happy that they made the investment,” he says.

Richard Gustafsson notices with each day that passes an increased interest in these types of energy-saving installations that Tofta Plåt och Ventilation offers.

“Customers are putting increasingly higher requirements on us, as the supplier, to propose more and more energy-efficient solutions. We are spending increasingly more time calculating lifecycle costs and pay-off times these days than what we did in the past,” he says.

“The challenge with this project was adequate space. We had a very small space to set up our unit and channels, which required a lot of coordination both at the drawing table and out at the work site. Over the last six years, we've collaborated closely with Tuve Bygg, which facilitated implementation of the project. They know they can trust us and that we deliver the right expertise at the right price.

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