Careful renovation for a sustainable theatre future

Stora Teatern in Linköping first opened its doors to theatre lovers in 1903 as one of the first electrified buildings in the city. Now, 120 years later, it is undergoing a careful, total renovation. The Instalco company, Vallacom, has replaced the entire electrical system, which has lowered energy consumption and ensured a sustainable theatre future in Linköping.

In the early 1900s, Stora Teatern was representative of its time, designed in the elegant Art Nouveau style with majestic Baroque features. At the grand opening, the public was entranced by its 600 glittering electric lights. But time has left its mark and after many years of minor electrical renovations, a major overhaul was necessary. Renovation and modernisation of the theatre itself and its technical installations, including an entirely new electrical system, was an absolute necessity.

Vallacom was contracted to create an entirely new electrical and data system and during the year, it removed the old systems, created new housings for the wiring, replaced cables, lighting, fuse boxes and other devices to meet the current requirements. For example, an old five tonne power cable was replaced with 50 kilometres of modern cable. New digital sound and lighting systems have also been installed, along with a new alarm system.

“As an old, historic building of cultural importance, we needed to install the new systems with great care, which was a challenge. We had no documentation or drawings of the original wiring or updates, so we had to proceed with caution. We found electrical installations from the 1950s and some dating back as early as 1922. We encountered cable ladders that were 50-70 centimetres thick with cable-on-cable of mixed power, lighting, video, data, telephony, etc.,” says Mikael Kalm, Supervisor at Vallacom.

Vallacom has now made the building future-proof as regards its electrical systems and it has lowered energy consumption by installing energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls. The renovation has also improved the work environment for those who work at the theatre, and heightened the experience for audiences. It has involved a variety of special installations, such as renovation of the chandeliers, replacing the old bulbs with modern, energy- efficient LED lighting.

“The complete renovation of Stora Teatern is a milestone in Linköping's cultural history. We have both modernised the building and made it more efficient, lowered its energy consumption and made it future-proof. That's what I call sustainability,” says Mikael Kalm.

The client was Lejonfastigheter and the tenant is Östgötateatern.

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