Christiania Rørleggerbedrift joins Instalco

Instalco is strengthening its heating & plumbing offering in the Oslo region via the acquisition of Christiania Rørleggerbedrift AS, a group of five companies specialised heating & plumbing. The Group’s combined annual sales are approximately SEK 148 million.

Christiania Rørleggerbedrift is a full-service company that offers heating & plumbing and pipe work through contracts and service activities. Its customers are construction and property companies, as well as individuals.

“With this acquisition, Instalco has started to establish itself as one of the truly strong players for heating, ventilation and plumbing in the Oslo region. Christiania Rørleggerbedrift is a large, stable company with a high level of expertise and many important customer contacts. It is definitely a great fit with the Instalco family,” says Roger Aksnes, business area manager for Instalco Norway.

Christiania Rørleggerbedrift was established in 2005 and it currently has around 75 employees.

“We have collaborated with the Instalco company Klimateknikk Oslo in the past and now, as part of Instalco, we see great opportunities for expanding our collaboration with other companies in Instalco Norway,” says Rune Johannesen, CEO of Christiania Rørleggerbedrift.

Instalco Norway has grown to 18 companies, of which 10 are in the Oslo area. There are 10 Instalco companies working with heating & plumbing in Norway and they are: Andersen og Aksnes, Haug og Ruud, Medby, Moi Rør, Rørteft, Vito, Metro, Total VVS, Manglerud and Christiania Rørleggerbedrift. Collaboration between subsidiaries is a cornerstone of the Instalco model, where companies work together to create synergies and share projects, customers and best practice.

Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Christiania Rørleggerbedrift AS and its subsidiaries and it will take possession during June or July 2022.

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