Collaboration is the key to success

When the Instalco company, Haug og Ruud VVS finished its work on the construction of Lillehammar’s new fire station, here’s what they had to say: “Collaboration was the key to the project’s success”.

Planning for the new fire station in Lillehammar got underway already in 2010. Finding the optimal location was as important as finding the right partners for the project to replace the old fire station with a new, modern 5,000 sq. m. facility.

Haug og Ruud was responsible for the design and installation of the overall heating & plumbing, ventilation and automation system.

“It’s been a project with many different players involved, all with their special area of expertise. This is where we really see the strength of the partnering model, and it was absolutely essential to the project’s success,” says Sigbjørn Dalseghagen, CEO of Haug og Ruud.

“We were part of the partnering project right from the start in its planning and design. Because of that, we were able to suggest robust, rational solutions that facilitated an optimal implementation that was in line with the set budget. In fact, we were able to lower the budget from NOK 180 to 150 million already prior to the start. That was possible thanks to the partnering model,” he says.

Sigbjørn emphasizes that value of the constructive, solution-oriented approach and interaction that was possible with the client (Lillehammar Municipality), the contractor (Betonmast Innlandet), the architects and the other sub-contractors.

In the project, Haug og Ruud also had a high level of in-house production, with many hours spent on commissioning and adjustments, all of which gave them good insight into the facility. It is knowledge that will be quite useful as they now move on to providing various services there.

“We are proud to have been a part of this project, which will greatly benefit society. The sustainable installations that we delivered will last for many years to come,” says Sigbjørn.

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