Elin Linde, Ohmegi Elektro

Environmentally certified hospital construction

Constructing buildings that will have environmental certification is part of Instalco's sustainability efforts. Instalco is one of Sweden's largest builders of hospitals for the electrical installations, heating, and plumbing systems and it is now involved in the construction of even more major hospitals that will have environmental certification.
Miljöbyggnad is a certification system created by Sweden Green Building. It covers many aspects, including energy performance, energy conservation, indoor environment and assurance that building materials have been environmentally rated.

The Instalco company, APC Elinstallatören, is involved in expansion of Linköping University Hospital. Once the building has been completed, it will be one of Sweden’s most energy-efficient hospital buildings and the goal is to obtain certification at the Silver level from the Sweden Green Building Council.
Ohmegi and Rörgruppen are involved in expansion of Stockholm South General Hospital and the goal is to obtain certification at the Gold level from the Sweden Green Building Council.

“Obtaining Miljöbyggnad certification demonstrates our dedication to generate benefits to society and satisfy requirements on sustainability. And, when we pay attention to quality and prioritise environmentally friendly solutions, we also help lower our customers’ operating costs,” says Anders Lindén, CEO at APC.

At the new hospital building in Linköping, the heating source will primarily come from heat emitted by the building’s equipment and by people residing in the building. The building will also self-generate much of its energy needs via solar cells installed on the roof.

To obtain environmental certification, there are also requirements on the indoor environment as regards such things as natural light, use of non-toxic materials, ventilation and climate. Protective measures must also be taken against moisture and radon.

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