Finnish sulfur depot gets a new modern form and purpose

The old sulfur depot K21 in Oulu, northern Finland, is being transformed into modern apartments and offices. The Instalco company Sähkö-Arktia Oy is responsible for the electrical installations in this unique project.

The old building, originally a chemical storage facility, is a historical landmark in Oulu, requiring careful handling during the renovation. The extensive project includes the construction of apartments, offices, elderly care facilities, commercial spaces, daycare centers, shops, and parking lots. The former depot is located in the old harbor area of Toppila, which is a nationally significant cultural heritage area.

One of the reasons Sähkö-Arktia Oy was chosen for this project is the long-standing business relationship with the main contractor, Temotek Oy.

"We have a long and successful collaboration," says Jukka Viitasaari, project manager at Sähkö-Arktia Oy.

Sähkö-Arktia Oy, headquartered in Oulu, specializes in electrical installations in apartments and public buildings. The project commenced in 2023 and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2025.

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