Five Instalco companies collaborate on assignment for Peab

Five Instalco companies have been contracted by Peab for a joint assignment. It involves design and installation of the electrical, heating & plumbing, ventilation and sprinkler systems for one of the buildings in the property called Entré in Malmö. The work will be carried out as a partnering project and the total order value is approximately SEK 55 million.

The following Instalco companies are involved, each responsible for specific parts: El-Pågarna (electrical), Bi-Vent (ventilation), Rörläggaren (heating & plumbing), Sprinklerbolaget (sprinklers) and Intec (design).

One of the buildings of the property in Malmö, Entré, previously contained office premises and it is now being renovated to house offices, a healthcare clinic and a restaurant.

“Instalco has been successfully collaborating with Peab for a long time and we are happy that they have contracted us for this assignment. It’s a great example of how the Instalco model works, where several Instalco companies are involved, collaborating with the client and end customer, who get a complete product of the highest quality from us,” says Patrik Persson, Business Area Manager for Instalco South.

All of the premises will be equipped with demand-driven installations as part of an overall solution that saves energy. For example, the existing ventilation units will be equipped with new, more energy-efficient fans.

The work is already underway and expected to be completed during 2023, with the aim of having it certified as a Sustainable Instalco Project. The client is Peab Sverige AB, and the end customer is Fastighets AB Trianon.

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