Instalco installs in Gjuteriet. Illustration: Kjellander Sjöberg.

Four Instalco companies collaborate on assignment for Peab

Four Instalco companies have been contracted by Peab Sverige AB for a joint assignment in Malmö. The work involves design and installation of the electrical, heating & plumbing, ventilation and sprinkler systems in conjunction with construction of Oatly’s new head office at the property called Gjuteriet in Malmö.

The estimated order value for the assignment is approximately SEK 45 million and it will be run as a partnering project together with Peab and Varvstaden AB. The Instalco companies that will jointly participate in the project are: Insta EL (electrical), Rörläggaren (heating & plumbing), Bi-Vent (ventilation) and Sprinklerbolaget (sprinkler).

“With four Instalco companies getting involved so early in the process, we have been able to suggest sustainable, efficient solutions that we will now easily be able to implement. This type of project, with its high sustainability profile, fits perfectly with our way of working and we are very happy to be a part of the conversion and development of Malmö's former shipyard area,” says Patrik Persson, Business Area Manager for Instalco South.

At Kockum’s former manufacturing premises in Malmö, a new city district called Varvstaden is being developed by Peab and Varvstaden AB. At the building called Gjuteriet, where ship parts were once manufactured, work is being done to renovate and convert it into modern office premises and meeting venues for the plant-based food company, Oatly. The property is registered as a culturally historic building (K-märkt, in Swedish) and Oatly, Varvstaden and the City of Malmö have closely collaborated to come up with a new design and purpose for the building, while retaining its robust, industrial character.

Varvstaden, where Gjuteriet is located, consists of several buildings that once belonged to Kockums Mekaniska Verkstäder and they were built at various stages during the early 1900s. Gjuteriet’s original steel structures and façades will remain intact. The extensions, however, will have a timber frame. The entire project will be executed with adherence to stringent sustainability requirements.

The Instalco companies participating in the project have already begun their work and the assignment is expected to be completed at the end of 2022.

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