Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt.

Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt appointed Head of M&A at Instalco

Instalco’s Business Developer, Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt will take on a new role as Head of M&A, responsible for the Group’s company acquisitions.

Gustaf has worked at Instalco since 2019 with both company acquisitions and business development. Now, he will take on more responsibility in his new role as Head of M&A. He previously worked at the audit firm, Grant Thornton, where he assisted clients with consulting on transfers of company ownership. Prior to joining Instalco, he worked with acquisitions and business development at the car repair chain, Werksta. Gustaf has an MBA from Lund University, with a concentration in finance.

“During the years that Gustaf has worked at Instalco, he has demonstrated an excellent ability and capacity in the area of company acquisitions. We are thrilled to promote him to this position, with ultimate responsibility for this part of the business,” says Robin Boheman, CFO and former Head of M&A.

Gustaf will begin in his new role immediately and he will also join the Group management team.

“I’m really looking forward to taking on my new role and continuing to pursue Instalco’s aggressive acquisition agenda together with my colleagues, the competent business area managers at Instalco,” says Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt.

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