Heating and cooling via ventilation system

Ranheimsveien 9 is one of Trondheim’s most modern and sustainable new office buildings. With its gleaming black aluminium and glass facade, this five story office building is impressively situated at the eastern entrance to Trondheim. At this property, Instalco’s subsidiary Teknisk Ventilasjon has done the project planning and installation of an energy-efficient ventilation system consisting of 21 ventilation aggregates which, besides ventilation, also supply the building with heating and cooling.

“We’ve chosen a decentralised solution, with five ventilation aggregates on each floor. Throughout the project, we’ve worked in close collaboration with the developer, general contractor and other subcontractors. Three times per week, we’ve had meetings to check progress, coordinate and optimise the work being done by the various disciplines. VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) is the framework we’ve used for achieving higher quality, quicker production and lower costs,” says Olav Selbekk, CEO at Teknisk Ventilasjon.

Teknisk Ventilasjon also installed an advanced control & regulation system that automates control of heating and cooling via the ventilation system. During construction of the property, focus has been on sustainability, quality and high standard. At Ranheimsvägen 9, solar cells have been installed on nearly all the roofs. It has obtained the status of passive energy class A and is BREEAM certified at the level, Very Good.

It has been designed as an office building for modern employees. In the basement, there is a special parking garage for bicycles, equipped with a washing and service station, as well as changing rooms. There are also electric bicycles available for employees to borrow and use freely.

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