Robin Boheman, Pär Holmgren, Peter Westman och Daniel Eriksson.

Instalco acquires the installations division of DynaMate

Instalco is acquiring DynaMate AB’s division for technical installations. DynaMate AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scania CV AB in Södertälje.

Instalco is acquiring the division that is responsible for electrical, heating & plumbing and ventilation installations. Its annual sales are approximately SEK 135 million and there are more than 50 employees working in the division.

“This acquisition both strengthens and enhances our offering to industrial companies. It also gives us an opportunity to use the resources of the Instalco Group to develop the division for the future,” says Robin Boheman, Head of Business Development at Instalco.

DynaMate AB offers production & maintenance-related services in the following three divisions: service, maintenance and installation. One of the company’s largest customers in the installation division is Scania.

“As a Group with focus purely on installations, Instalco can help us take the business to the next level and find the right synergies and collaborations with other Instalco companies,” says Daniel Eriksson Head of the Installation Division at DynaMate AB.

“This acquisition not only opens up new business opportunities with industrial companies in Business Area East, but also for Instalco as a whole,” says Peter Westman, Business Area Manager, East.

Instalco is acquiring 100% of DynaMate AB’s installation division. The acquisition is expected to be completed early in May.

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