Instalco Annual Report 2023 published

The Board of Directors and CEO of Instalco hereby present the annual report and consolidated financial statements for the 2023 financial year.

“Ten years ago, on 15 February 2014, Instalco was born out of the acqui[1]sition of our first five companies: Rörgruppen, Orab Entreprenad, PoB:s Elektriska, Klimatrör and VVS Metoder. We started from nothing, with a blank sheet of paper, and now 10 years later we are a successful and profitable group with more than 135 subsidiaries, a workforce of 6,200 people and over SEK 14 billion in revenue. It has been a fantastic journey and we have made an impact that we could never have anticipated. I would maintain that Instalco has transformed the entire installation industry through our acquisition-driven model and decentralised leadership.

Properties account for a significant share of global climate and environ[1]mental impact through their construction, renovation and use – which is why it feels particularly good to be working at a company that offers services to help improve energy efficiency and conserve resources as well as extending the lifetime of properties. Instalco is a service company and our main operations take place at our customers’ premises, where our services help them reduce their climate impact.” says Robin Boheman CEO of Instalco.

Instalco Annual Report 2023

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