Gustaf Larsson Ernefeldt, Johan Larsson, Andreas Thors, Marcus Johansson, Christoffer Rodell and Mikael Wahlström.

Instalco becomes multi-disciplinary in Östersund

Instalco is acquiring Rörprodukter Montage Sverige AB. The acquisition enables Instalco to offer multi-disciplinary services for technical installations in Östersund.

RP Montage currently has 12 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 24 million. The business is focused on installation and consulting of heating & plumbing, ventilation, and control & regulation systems.

“We've been interested in acquiring a heating & plumbing company in the Östersund region for quite some time. Now, with RP Montage joining the Group, we will be able to offer complete installations in our area. RP Montage has a very motivated and young leadership team that definitely has the right Instalco spirit. We are delighted to have them join us,” says Johan Larsson, Business Area Manager for Instalco North.

RP Montage was established in 2012 examples of its major customers are NCC and Östersundshem.

“We are joining Instalco so that we can take the next steps with our company. We are looking forward to collaborating with the other Instalco companies in the region and thereby strengthening our own and Instalco’s brand in Östersund and central Jämtland,” says Andreas Thors, CEO at RP Montage.

Instalco has three other subsidiaries established in the Östersund region: Ovab (ventilation), TC kraft (electrical) and Z-Signaler (electrical).

Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Rörprodukter Montage Sverige AB as of 24 January 2023.

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