Martin Sjöström, Per Sjöstrand, Martin Renck, Johan Larsson, Ulf Stenerhag and Robin Boheman. Foto: Christopher Hunt.

Instalco collaborates with Wayout on water purification in vulnerable areas

Instalco and Wayout International will begin collaborating on a project to increase access to clean water in vulnerable areas of the world. Swedish Wayout is developing microfactories for local water purification that can then be used as drinking water.

For many people around the world, clean drinking water is a scarce resource. Wayout offers turnkey micro-purification factories for local production and distribution of clean drinking water. They are distributed to vulnerable areas around the world.

“Clean drinking water should be a basic human right. But unfortunately, it is a scarce resource in many parts of the world. At Instalco, water purification and water management solutions are things we are passionate about. It’s an area we know well and where we want to make a meaningful contribution,” says Robin Boheman, CEO at Instalco.

A single microfactory can produce as much as 150,000 litres of drinking water per month. Microfactories also help eliminate negative environmental impacts like bottling, transport and waste management of plastic bottles. At these 15 sq. m. microfactories, water is remineralized and used as drinking water or as the foundation for other drinks. The fully automated system has been designed to run on solar cells.

“We are very happy to start collaborating with Instalco and benefit from their expertise. If there is one thing we’ve learned during this pandemic, it’s that it is no longer possible to depend on global value chains. We humans need to rethink it all. We need to start producing locally and we need to become self-sufficient in a sustainable way,” says Ulf Stenerhag, CEO at Wayout.

Instalco has begun collaborating with Wayout International within the scope of its Sustainability Programme. The collaboration enables Wayout to ramp up its effort with production and distribution of micro-purification factories to areas of the world where clean drinking water is a scarcity. The microfactories are manufactured in Copenhagen and then shipped as turnkey solutions to users worldwide.

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