Per Sjöstrand, Joakim Lundberg, Tobias Norén, Klas Larsson and Robin Boheman.

Instalco grows in West

Instalco acquires Bogesunds El & Tele AB in Ulricehamn. With the acquisition, Instalco continues its expansion in Business Area, West.

Bogesunds El & Tele AB was established in 2000. It offers a wide scope of electrical services and is specialised in electrical installations at residential property. It primarily does business in Västra Götaland County, but it also takes assignments in other parts of Sweden. For the 2017/2018 business year, sales were approximately SEK 92 million.

“With the acquisition of Bogesunds El & Tele AB, we have expanded our geographic area and the company is compatible with many of our other Instalco companies, so we envision excellent opportunities for collaboration. Bogesunds El & Tele AB is a stable, successful company that can continue to grow and thrive within the Instalco Group,” says Klas Larsson, Business Area Manager for Instalco West.

Bogesunds El & Tele AB has 40 employees and its main customers are construction companies. Besides classic electrical installations at residential property, it also offers installation of fibre, charging stations, solar panels and other energy-saving systems. The company works in all parts of the business chain, from design and project planning to installation and completion. A smaller component of the business is service.

“It feels great to take the next step in our development of Bogesunds El & Tele AB. The environment at Instalco provides us with everything we need for further growth,” Joakim Lundberg, CEO of Bogesunds El & Tele AB.

Right now, the company is focusing on growth in its offering of energy-saving, energy-efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Bogesunds El & Tele AB as of 19 June 2019.

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