Instalco is embarking on a sustainability collaboration with Universeum

Within the scope of its Sustainability Program, Instalco will be collaborating with Universeum, which is the national science centre of Sweden, located in Gothenburg. The purpose of the collaboration is knowledge development in the area of sustainability.

Instalco will support Universeum with its mission of strengthening Sweden’s talent management and innovative abilities, along with contributing to sustainable urban development.

“One of the sub-goals of our sustainability efforts at Instalco is to generate benefits to society. We do that each day through our climate-smart, energy-efficient installations. We also do it through collaboration with various organizations focused on improving society and making it more sustainable. We want to create a better environment by contributing what we are able to, which is why this collaboration with Universeum is such a great fit,” says Robin Boheman CEO at Instalco.

Together with Universeum, Instalco would like to support and develop Sweden’s sustainability by helping it improve its:

  • talent management, competitiveness and innovation
  • research, development and general education
  • drive for sustainability within the scope of the 17 SDGs of Agenda 2030

The collaboration will raise the importance of sustainability from many different perspectives and contribute to knowledge development for several target groups for a sustainable societal development. Instalco and Universeum will initially collaborate for three years.

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