Instalco joins partnering project with Scania and Skanska for construction of new foundry

The Instalco company, JN El, has been contracted by Skanska for electrical installations in conjunction with the construction of Scania’s new foundry in Södertälje.

The work will be done as part of a collaboration contract where JN El will be responsible for the electrical installations, with an order value of SEK 100 million.

The new foundry is one of Scania's largest industrial investments ever. It will enable the company to increase its capacity by a factor of three, while cutting energy consumption in half compared to manufacturing at its current foundry.

“This is an important assignment for us and our long-term collaboration with Scania and Skanska was the key to our becoming involved in this prestigious project. We are also able to, at an early stage in the planning process, make suggestions that will enable us to, later on, implement cost-effective, sustainable solutions at the new foundry. We’re very much looking forward to collaborating with Skanska and Scania over the next few years,” says Peter Hjerpe, CEO at JN El in Södertälje.

JN El has already started making preparations for the work that will primarily occur during 2020.

The existing foundry at Scania in Södertälje was built in the 1910s. The new foundry will be a two-story building of 34,000 square metres and will play an important role in the company’s ability to create even more energy-efficient combustion engines in the future.

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